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FX64 LambdaSpect


FX64 LambdaSpect extends Autodesk Inventor with capabilitis of physically correct photon simulation. It includes a glass database, several tools for optical design, detectors and everything else you  expect an optical software package to have and all this seamlessly integrated into Autodesk Inventor.

Using our innovative GPU kernel, you will get your simulation done in minutes instead of days. Clear concepts and innovative workflows let you work directly on your CAD models and solve your CAD <-> Optical System transfers once and for all. The combination of the intuitive parametric CAD system and fast light simulation capabilities make creation of phyiscal prototypes or expensive measuring Services almost redundant.


This is an automatically created animation by LambdaSpect. Inventor model parameters are manipulated in order to rotate the model in every step. The program runs the simulation of two light sources, renders the detectors and saves the scene to one frame for each step. After the batch simulation is done, the output video is automatically created by composing the simulation frames. The result is the physically correct animated scene showing the interaction of the transculent object with the light. This composed simulation consists of hundreds of individual simulations with very high amount of photons (over 1 Billion) and it is only possible to compile with usage of our proprietary simulation kernel running on the GPU instead of CPU.

This GPU kernel is worldwide unique and only available from us. The development was called for by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs.

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Certified by Autodesk

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