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FX64 - Autodesk Inventor Tools



EUR 480.-

EUR 2700.-

EUR 480.-


EUR 1,355.25

EUR 6,150.-

EUR 1,355.25

Subscription conditions:

    • Allows installation of all upgrades compatible with newer versions      of Autodesk Inventor
    • 24 hours reaction time for support via email, phone and TeamViewer


The subscription can be canceled up to 4 weeks before the expiration of the subscription contract. If not canceled subscription automatically renew for the next year.

A frequently asked question is whether it is profitable to have a subscription contract compared to acquiring a new license for the new Inventor version. Since the price for the subscription is 30% of the price of the software, your update strategy for Autodesk Inventor should be more frequent than 3 years in order to take advantage of the subscription contract. If you update your Autodesk Inventor less than every 3 years then a new on-demand licensing will be more profitable for you.

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